Why Be a Member?

HBANM is the Home Builders Association for all of Northern Michigan serving Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet and Otsego Counties.

Top Ten Reasons to Invest in HBANM Membership

  1. Grow your business! Membership has its advantages….networking, product discounts, customer referrals, and first run industry information are all advantages over the competition that membership provides.
  2. Let the HBA pay you! Through the Member Rebate Program members are able to receive cash money each quarter if they are using any of the more than 45 product brands that are available. Value: The average rebate per member per year was over $1000 in 2014 and 70% of the Builder Members who participated earned enough back to pay their annual dues and add additional income to their bottom line.
  3. Get educated! The Home Builders Association of Northern Michigan offers an assortment of classes specific to the industry and the professional development of its members. Value: Members save at least $20 – $50 per class in comparison to non-member rates.Be protected! Free ombudsman and legal support is available to defend you against unjust legal action. HBA is your defense in legal matters so that you don’t have to fight on your own. Value: Priceless!
  4. Save money! Members can take advantage of the benefits offered through the HBA’s three tiers of membership: Local, State and National Associations. Discounts are available on Automobile purchase and or rental, Fuel Usage, Office Equipment and Supplies, Shipping, Insurance (health, business, life, auto and home), Vacations, marketing and more. Value: When used effectively, available discounts can save you thousands per year.
  5. Get referrals! Get your FREE listing on the HBANM website and in the Members Only Home Builders Directory where consumers shop for home building, remodeling and home improvement professionals. Value: Only members are able to be referred to potential customers.
  6. Keep up to date! Members receive all the latest information on National, State and Local events, industry announcements and news in a member’s only newsletter. Value: Information is power.
  7. Have a voice in Congress! Support the advocacy efforts of the HBA on a State and National level. Support the efforts that are supporting your business. Value: The NAHB saved each builder roughly $6,882 per housing start in 2014 alone.
  8. Get Instant Credibility! Whether you are new to the Home Building Industry or have been in it for years, HBA membership is a standard that consumers look for and one where members look to do business with other members. Value: Enhanced brand recognition.
  9. It’s the smart thing to do! With so many reasons that will help strengthen your business, it just makes sense to join.