High Performance Building Council

Mission Statement: The HBANM High Performance Building Council’s goal is to raise the awareness of green build to our members and to our customers. We will provide opportunities for education; distribute research and experimental data to reduce consumption and impact on our environment. We will build responsibly and provide our customers with comfort, quality and satisfaction.

High Performance Building Council

We have chosen what we believe to be the essence of Green Building and make it our platform. “Green” has evolved since the committee inception to have varying degrees of significance to different agendas. In the interest of keeping clarity of vision and purpose we have taken what we have experienced in our Green building construction and modeling to be of the most importance to clients and society.

Green Rating and Green certified homes are an excellent product, unfortunately the concept of “Green” has been skewed and made it difficult for the public to disseminate and identify to the purpose of having a fully Certified Green home. We wish to clarify and offer the clients verifiable improvements in Energy Savings and equally in the Indoor Quality of the Air they breathe. These are main contributors to the Green Rated programs and certainly concerns of our clients. This will allow more members to obtain High Performance Designations by simply verifying the substantial reduction in energy usage per the committee standards and on this will ride the improvement to indoor air quality.

High Performance Building Council Members

Jim Knibbs, CGP, Committee Chairman
Jim Knibbs Building & Remodeling

Bob Fate, CGP, CAPS
Bob Fate Builders

Jeff Grantham CGP, GMB, CAPS, CGR
Grantham Building and Remodeling

Jim Musselman
Great Lakes Plumbing Heating and AC

Carl Wagar
Wagar Builders

Gary Lewinski
Emmet Brick and Block